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Lately I have been playing The Sims 2 and it’s latest expansion pack “Open for Business“. I have had it for a while but after reformatting didn’t reinstall it. So I decided to this week and have been hooked building a Electronics Supercentre. The premise sounds simple and even boring, yet controlling a sim and making simoleans (Sim Dollars). While making sure the staff and customers are happy. I just sat there for literally 2 hours not moving and not noticing what time it was. It really gets you in and wont let you out til your too tired you have to hit the sack.

It also helps the game with such cheats as “moveobjects on” and “maxmotives” my two favourites alongside “motherlode” of course. I wish I could get $50,000 from just typing “motherlode”.

Other good news, for Australians anyways is The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is finally coming downunder! Horray! The Australian Pay-TV channel “The Comedy Channel” has picked up the program and will air it Weeknights 9.30pm. Just hours after it airs in America. It is about time, like me if your a fan you had to just watch the global edition on CNN or get it online. Sucks if you don’t have cable though, luckily I do so I will be watching.

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.