A matter of revolution

If you’re going to start a media revolution, which is what this is totally about, it’s harder to do it in New York, because it’s the capital of publishing. You can’t do it Los Angeles either, because of Hollywood…It had to be here, where we’re media


Adam Curry speaking about the media revolution that he believes PodShow to be. He seems to overhype things sometimes. I have to say a company like PodShow is all well and good but the whole media revolution thing dosen’t belong with a company like PodShow it belongs with small podcasters with something important to say. A network like PodShow can house some of these podcasts but because of its size it is doubtful it will be a independent voice of the people and is likely to be the monster Podcast housing corporation with podcasts just like commercial radio shows with more swearing. That is not a “media revolution”.

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.