60 Minutes veteran Richard Carleton dead

Veteran Nine Network reporter Richard Carleton has died after suffering a suspected heart attack at Tasmania’s Beaconsfield Gold Mine, Tasmanian police say.

“He has died,” Tasmanian police constable Phil Pike told AAP.

Nine presenter Mike Munro confirmed the death during a televised news update.

“He was given treatment on the spot and taken to hospital,” a visibly shaken Munro said.

“He was taken to hospital, as you can see, where doctors have only just pronounced him dead.

“Our friend and colleague, Richard Carleton, from 60 Minutes, dead.”

Tasmanian government adviser Shaun Rigby said he saw Carleton collapse soon after asking a question at a press conference about the mine rescue.

“I saw him, and I said ‘he’s down’ and we rushed over there pretty much straight away,” Mr Rigby told reporters.

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My favourite reporter from 60 Minutes has now died unfortunately. He was a good and honest reporter and will be deeply missed my viewers and co-workers alike.

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