I enjoy doing podcasting etc… however there seems to be some people in the podcasting world especially who think they can do what they like without consequences. I do not like working on something which I do not get any financial gain from to be told by someone whom likes to think they are bigger and better than I am or acts like that to any friends of mine.

I always feel the need to defend friends and sometimes that gets me into trouble. I just can’t stand people who feel the need to be condesending to others and pretend like they know all and are far superior to all others. It gets to me alot and when I get annoyed or a little mad I sort of go off the deep end but I woulden’t if people would calm down a little and not be so defensive and cannot compromise.

I am always the person who compromises and when others can’t do the same it always ends up in a bad situation.

This ends this “bitch session” and look out for The PloyCast #15 later this week. This show is going great guns right now and I believe has a bright future.

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Mike Beckham

Mike Beckham resides near Melbourne, Australia.