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A New episode will out within days! Paul is off this week but I (Mike Beckham) am back. The show this week is good we have Spokavriel back along with Todd from Long Live Tech TV and Graham Brunk. Along with myself and Chris as usual.

Looking forward to the show being out.

On another topic though this site is only a temp site while our permanent home is being finished we are all excited about the new sites for all Negative Penguin Media sites.

Ben May and I have a great podcast if I do say so myself, called The Ploy Cast many of you know it and it is going well. Chris Lee and Paul Tevis also has a great new podcast called Political Inversion which is going well along with longtime favourite Generation Y which has moved to the Negative Penguin network which we are all pleased about.

Thats the news from Negative Penguin and LTS Podcast from my point of view right now we are also developing a pilot for a new show so keep an eye out tech heads!

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