Chatting to Leo again!

Heh Sounds more impressive than it is. (Just so you know my nick is Mike|Oz and Leo Laporte’s is KFI_Leo)

[08:30] KFI_Leo It’s the PR-40
[08:30] d9Dean Ha when we switched to OS X and you couldn’t have your drive on the desktop my friend Freaked!
[08:30] jude many thanks
[08:30] Riggzy my friends just threw them on the road last time they did
[08:30] Mike|Oz KFI_Leo: is that one you spoke about on TWIT?
[08:30] AMDuser AOL cd = fribe
[08:30] KFI_Leo yeah Mike
[08:30] mac_z Firesword: They are on all the time everywhere – thank goodness. I’m from Sweden (lived in Scotland and USA too) and I’m not made for this temps
[08:30] AMDuser *frisbe
[08:30] KFI_Leo Although on TWiT I have a PR40 inside a special case
[08:30] Nate I wish I could have Dual Monitors but I can’t
[08:30] SawDust who much time is left in the show Leo
[08:30] SawDust how
[08:31] jude show off
[08:31] Mike|Oz ahh ic leo
[08:31] Nate 30 minutes approx
[08:31] Mike_B mac_z: I’ve been to Sweden. Great country
[08:31] KFI_Leo it’s in a classic pro case
[08:31] Nate Hey its J RO
[08:31] SawDust special case?
[08:31] Martarius How do you access the LeoCams?
[08:31] KFI_Leo you can see it on the twit video
[08:31] mac_z Thanks Mike_B
[08:31] Mike|Oz I only get the audio
[08:31] Riggzy 11:29? youre going back in time Leo,, put down that hash pipe lol
[08:31] dq martarius:
[08:31] Mike_B KFI_Leo: So, its your KFI 2 year anniversary, congrats!
[08:31] Mike|Oz capped on downloads
[08:31] jude do you sleep with that mic?
[08:31] Gigabite yeah that mike is expensive, u would ned a case
[08:31] SawDust anyone see 40 yr old Virgin??
[08:31] Nate KFI_Leo I came up with a way to sell your books
[08:31] KFI_Leo Jude: I’d like to

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