I Spoke to Leo… sort of

(Last Photo: Even leo has PC Troubles)

During Leo’s KFI Show He talks in IRC and people can talk to him. Whether or not he talks back to is is not always possible as he gets asked 1000 questions etc…

Heres the transcript:

[08:51] Mike|Oz KFI_Leo: Connection Closed?
[08:51] HeyDriver is typeos ah typo?
[08:52] Mike|Oz heh
[08:52] AMDuser me it is nvidia
[08:52] Anon821 I bought some of them from walmart’s music download
[08:52] Anon821 some from my own cd’s
[08:52] kneedeep amd user, so far i can’t get a nvidia card to work with vista , so if you have a choice go with ATI
[08:52] AMDuser I only use XP
[08:52] KFI_Leo hunh?
[08:52] kneedeep ok
[08:52] Steven Anon821: I think you’ll have to rip it WITHOUT the protection then you can just copy it as you would with any file/document via network, CD ROM, or USB drive, etc.
[08:52] Mike_B KFI_Leo: Sorry for the confusion
[08:52] Gigabite vista beta right?
[08:52] kneedeep yes 5270
[08:52] Dan kneedeep: why wouldnt an nvidia card work with vista
[08:52] HeyDriver KFI_Leo: wha?
[08:52] Mike_B KFI_Leo: Never let a Jew keep track of Jesus,. 😉
[08:52] Fox8 It’s coming “Senators propose taxing Internet shopping” — http://news.zdnet.com/2100-9595_22-6004917.html
[08:53] Mike|Oz KFI_Leo: on your google screen “conenction closed”
[08:53] AMDuser I use windows XP PRO SP1
[08:53] Anon821 how do i do that steven?
[08:53] KFI_Leo SHoulda known
[08:53] AMDuser no SP2
[08:53] Dan Fox8: one of many tries, itll fail
[08:53] Mike|Oz hehe
[08:53] kneedeep not sure, i went 3/4 then physical error
[08:53] Anon821 is there a cord or something I need to buy??
[08:53] KFI_Leo oops!
[08:53] KFI_Leo Thanks for the heads up
[08:53] KFI_Leo I have to restart VNC
[08:53] Mike|Oz heh
[08:53] Fox8 they can try
[08:53] * SonomaMtMan has quit IRC (Quit: DSL Extreme!
[08:53] Mike|Oz 😛

So there ya go not much but no bad lol… It’s real hard to get his attention while he is hosting and talking to 100 people.

I Also posted some photos from the show.

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